lessons in Trip Planning

just came back from a 7 day trip to singapore.

I wanted to use free apps to plan the trip, and so i did….

here’s what i was looking for:

1. Offline Map app which could guide me around the city using GPS, in case i don’t have 3G

2. Daily itenary planner using which i could plan the places i would visit each day, and also the most efficient route to take

3. Admission cost and opening hours of the places

These are the basic requirements….

now i googled the best apps and tested out the following:

1. TRIPOMATIC: Works well over web and app…syncs immediately across both…shows ratings of places and good for planning..the only downside is navigation which is apsent

2. TRIP ADVISOR: good for navigation but not for planning…

3. Street Directory: Offline Maps…had downloaded but didn’t try

4. Singapore Offline Map for ANdroid: Sucks

5. Singapore MRT: didn’t take MRT at all…used taxi..

6. Singapore Map and Guide: didn’t like it’s UI or functionality

7. Meru Cabs: for cab booking in India…sucks big time..when i booked through the helpline, the booking never showed up in the app..


NONE of the apps are sufficient on their own…

I used Tripomatic to plan the itenerary and printed out the pdf of the entire trip as a backup…this was all good..

But it never shows the actual distance in km, so i had to fall back on Google Maps for that…

Then when i ran out of good places, i used the Trip Advisor app to explore new places…

But the best thing that i did above all was to buy SingTel SIM card as soon as i landed at singapore…it was for $8 and got $10 credit, out of which i used $7 for 1 week 3G Data of 1 GB

Having internet connection is MORE IMPORTANT than all apps combined


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